Current Bid Opportunities

Interested parties must register with the department\contact in the bid package to receive updates and addenda\s. It shall be the interested parties’ responsibility to confirm reception of registration.

Job #1703 Corbett Apartments Roof Replacement
Two locations one at 125 Jaques Street, Somerville and the other at 32 Jaques Street, Somerville Click here for more information

Job #1705
Demolition and disposal of a one story painted concrete block, concrete plank building approximately 700 Sq. Ft. in area. Click here for more information

Job #1702 Weston Manor Development Site Improvements Project
The Project consists of site improvements which include, site paving repairs, sidewalk removal and replacement,concrete repair, landscaping. Click here for more information

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Job # 1701 Concrete Work
Job # 1701 Concrete Work: The removal and replacement of approximately 1,396 square feet of concrete sidewalk panels per plans and specifications. Click here for more information

SHA Provider Grants RFP
SHA will be accepting proposals from established agencies providing direct services to SHA tenants. Proposals due on or before 12:00 a.m. February 24, 2017. Click here for more information