Staff & Personnel

The Somerville Housing Authority employs over 100 staff and personnel. Please feel free to use the following directory for SHA related business. Reception Desk Main Number is (617) 625-1152.

Executive Director Joseph R. Macaluso 349
Executive Assistant Emily Eschmann 349
Director of Finance Kelly Yin 312
Accounts Payable Coordinator Margaret Hui 313
Tenant Accounting Coordinator Lie Har Chao 311
Building Managers
Housing Manager Blanca Bonilla-Cruz 327
Housing Manager Wilmer Cruz (617) 666-0425
Housing Manager Cathy Federico (617) 666-2117
Housing Manager Lisa Gallagher 329
Building Manager- Capen Court Belkis Roome (617) 629-6872
Director of Operations Kevin Bumpus 321
Director of Maintenance Joseph Whalen 344
Maintenance Supervisor Charlie O'Leary 345
Housing Inspector John Sullivan 350
Maintenance Clerk Brianna Santangelo 333
Modernization Department
Director of Modernization Brian Langton 331
Modernization Project Manager Travis Panzini 330
Procurement/IT Manager Anthony Crespo 336
Procurement Clerk Steve McCarthy 337
Public Safety
Chief of Police Dan Meade 338
Investigator Sean Browne 339
Receptionist Diane Reagan 0
Resident Services
Director of Resident Services Shannon Bennett 323
ROSS Coordinator Suze Montina 356
Resident Services Coordinator Graciela Cordova (617) 625-2800
FSS/Resident Services Coordinator Natasha Sierra 310
Mystic Activity Ctr. Programs Coordinator Doreen Jenkins 347
Recertification Specialist Cindy Battersby 357
Section 8 Department
Director of Leased Housing and
Continued Occupancy
Jenicia Pontes 352
Section 8 Supervisor Lisa Crowley 309
Section 8 Program Coordinator Nancy Carroll 353
Section 8 Program Coordinator Brittni Condon 305
Section 8 Tenant Selector Sabrina Eschman 342
Section 8 Program Coordinator Kelcey Salois 318
Section 8 Inspector
Housing Inspector-Section 8 Frank Williams 343
Tenant Selection Department
Tenant Selector Cindy Nixon 307
Tenant Selector Kayla O’Regan 346