Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Whom do I call if something isn’t working properly in my apartment?
A: Contact the Maintenance Dept during regular business hours at 617.625.4522. Tell them your problem. Be sure to get a work order number. That will enable you to keep a record of your call, and you can use it to easily check the status of your repair call.
Q: When is rent due?
A: Rent is due the 1st of the month. Rent will be considered late if it is not received by the 5th of the month.
Q: What do I do if I want to add a member to my lease?
A: Notify the manager, and then go to tenant selection at the Mystic Activity Center to make your request.
Q: How long do I have to be in a unit before I can repaint?
A: Family Developments - 5 years. Please see your manager. You must not have a maintenance balance.
Q: Can I park my car in the development?
A: The car must be registered to a Somerville Housing Authority resident at their specific address. The car must also have SHA parking sticker. This can be obtained from your Housing Manager. All other vehicles will be ticketed. Residents of the Mystic Family Developments who have a parking sticker may park in the Mystic Activity Center parking lot after 10 pm, and vacate the space by 7 am. If you need to verify who your Housing Manger is, contact our administrative offices at (617) 625-1152.
Q: Can I use the Community Room?
A: In the Senior Buildings, The Community Room is available for all residents to use. You may reserve it for a private event with the prior approval of the Tenant Association of your building. In the Family Developments, the site at the Mystic Activity Center can be rented for a fee of $75. The maximum time for an event is 4 hrs with an additional hour to set up and one for clean up. Four weeks notice is needed. Contact the Building Coordinator at the Mystic Activity Center for more info.
Q: Are there computers I can use?
A: Many of the Senior Buildings have computer that are internet connected in the Community Rooms. The Family Development at Clarendon has the Computer Center at 268R Powderhouse Blvd. The Family Developments at Mystic have access to the Computer Lab at the Mystic Activity Center 7 days per week. There are 20 computers, flat screen monitors, and high-speed Internet connections. Classes are offered at various time of the year. Contact the Building Coordinator at the Mystic Activity Center for more info.
Q: What is the Telephone Notification System?
A: The Somerville Housing Authority uses a telephone notification service to send important messages to residents. This is similar to the method used by the city to send out notices for school closings and snow emergencies. In order to receive these messages, residents must make sure their manager has an up-to-date telephone number. We also encourage residents to subscribe to our text message service by texting shaalert to 80123. Messages are infrequent, but will contain important information to the SHA community.
Also see Policies and Procedures for more information.